rigadin alf da fre credenza madia tavolo
How to translate the "rigadin" on wood

The collection with classic lines imagined by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf Da Frè

sistema componibile alf da frè
All in order in MySpace

A container for ideas and objects without adding costs to outsize

mixer sistema armadi alf da frè
Mixer and Poker, two ways to intend the wardrobe

Functionality and versatility typical of Alf Da Frè, but with a different aesthetic concept

Cucina valdesign composizione angolare
In the kitchen with Valdesign

Convivial as well as functional space, with the typical artisan quality of Alf Group

Cristina Piovesana
The story of a family

The story of a company rooted in craftsmanship and headed towards the future in the words of its President and CEO, Cristina Piovesana

Guarda il racconto di Tony Millechiodi realizzato da Alf Da Frè per illustrare il dialogo tra generazioni che unisce tradizione e innovazione.
Tony Millechiodi in a video

Handing down 65 years of experience and knowhow, Alf Group tells of the generational dialogue that combines tradition and innovation

Giulio Iacchetti designs The Cartalegno Dresser Collection

A series of Alf Da Frè storage units that are all about contamination between industry and craftsmanship

Poker Collection wardrobe and cupboard system

Flexibility, versatility and modularity characterise the made-to-measure series of furniture by Alf DaFrè

Alf Group: craftsmanship and industry

The story of an industrial group with a great tradition, founded in the heart of the Veneto plain

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