effegibi sauna bagno turco
Effegibi: design e wellness

The history of a company that has reworked heat rituals

effegibi marco borghetti
Innovating tradition

Interview with Marco Borghetti, CEO of Effegibi

mini pool effegibi waterdream
Waterdream, completing the circle
With a mini pool designed by Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallocca, Effegibi completes its offer for a total well-being linked to the ben…
sauna modulare Effegibi Yoku
Yoku, the modular sauna that is inspired by Japanese natural medicine

Designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, it is characterized by a very natural image that communicates with the external space

hammam effegibi generatore vapore nuvola
Technology at the service of the hammam

Nuvola Smart Power by Talocci design, a steam generator which blends in easily with any decor

Video: hammam and sauna together

Logica Twin: the new Effegibi programme by Talocci design that combines the heat rituals

Cutting edge Touch&Steam

Touch Philosophy, the technology at the base of Effegibi product innovation

hammam effegibi
Evolution of the hammam

The Turkish bath according to Effegibi and Talocci design: big performance and exclusive design

sauna e hammam effegibi logica
Logica: hammam and sauna together in a single space

A design product that combines the different traditions of sauna and hammam

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Aquasteam, the Effegibi hammam

A contemporary take on the Turkish bath

Effegibi sauna e hammam BodyLove
Sauna and hammam together

Bodylove, the modular system by Rodolfo Dordoni, versatile and elegant

bagno turco effegibi hammam Topkapi
Topkapi: the bespoke Turkish bath

Contemporary signature design. The Effegibi hammam designed by Rodolfo Dordoni

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Effegibi: how we work

Effegibi: how we make top end saunas and hammams. Video

The heat room

Body care gets the designer treatment thanks to cutting edge Effegibi saunas

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