hammam effegibi generatore vapore nuvola
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Water means good health, even when it comes in the form of a cloud of steam that wraps itself around the body. This discovery was made long ago by the Greeks, the Romans and the populations of the Middle East who turned the Turkish bath into a life philosophy. Sitting on marble, or stone, wrapped in an intangible mist, we inhale the warm steam that unblocks our airways, lose all the toxins in our body by sweating them out, distance ourselves from our surrounding space and only feel the perception of our own body.

This is the reason why the Effegibi company, founded in Romagna in 1987 as a sauna manufacturer, decided to expand its business with the Hammam Project, bringing the Turkish bath into the home as well as to communal areas such as spas, gym clubs, wellness centres, and cruise ships. One of their most recent products is Nuvola Smart Power: its technology, the most sophisticated in the world, and its minimal, stylish design make it a product that is truly second to none.

Detail of the Nuvola Smart Power steam generator positioned in an area outside the hammam space.
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is a high power professional steam generator, for both professional and also domestic use, which is assembled within the hammam space; it is concealable and blends in easily with any furnishing solution. Its sophisticated sensors and hi-tech mechanisms mean that the temperature and the density of the steam produced can be managed to perfection: its Smart Energy Control system (SEC) guarantees evenly spaced on/off periods for the resistors to ensure a constant diffusion of steam, while its Smart Water Filling function (SWF) guarantees optimised management of boiler filling, intermediate rinsing processes and emptying operations to ensure that the resistors always work to maximum efficiency.

The outlet is equipped with the Power Steam (PSF) system for steam ventilation: this function prevents the differentiation of the temperature inside the hammam space. Adjustable slats are fitted inside to vary the direction of the steam.

Shower area outside a hammam space with FeelGood shower system, touchscreen taps and control panels for managing the shower, steam bath and lighting system.
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Control over the hammam functions in the products designed by Effegibi can be managed using the elegant intuitive backlit touch panels, which are always visible, even in the presence of steam. Thanks to the internal control panel, the user can regulate the quantity of steam, as well as the temperature and chromotherapy settings (a LED light illuminates the steam as it is diffused). The Effegibi Comfort Control system built-into the steam generator also allows the user to manage the Turkish bath from a distance from their tablet or smartphone, via the "Effegibi Experience My Hammam" App.

Nuvola Smart Power, suitable for large spaces, has been tested to run for up to 3000 hours with no need for maintenance.

Detail of steam diffuser.
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