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Epitomising the history and culture‑rich mood so typical of the hammam, the traditional steam bath with Middle Eastern origins, and featuring cutting‑edge technological solutions designed for body care – this is the main aim of Topkapi a new model of Turkish bath produced by Effegibi. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni with Michele Angelini, it was launched in Milan at the 2014 Bathroom Show during design week.

With no hackneyed icons here such as stone vaults or mosaic walls, this is a modern-day reworking of the characteristic features of the hammam: water in its two states of liquid and gas, light and sound make for an evocative space that fits beautifully into any room in the home or centres for public use such as gyms, pools or wellness centres.

While the primary elements of Topkapi are steam, generated by an exposed column that also houses all the touch controls, and water, which runs through a showerhead or flexible hose or collects in a bowl reminiscent of the traditional Turkish bath ritual, light and sound also come together in this hammam to ensure maximum relaxation.

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Topkapi makes all this possible thanks to an integrated system of LED lights that can be regulated from inside the cabin or via a personal hand‑held device thanks to a dedicated app. The same goes for sound: thanks ECC- Effegibi Comfort Control and ESS - Effegibi Sound System make it possible to personalise your hammam experience from any room. You can listen to your favourite music directly from a tablet, either inside the Turkish bath thanks to the speaker in the cabin or elsewhere in the home. The docking station with its two stereo speakers connects automatically to the speaker in the column without the need to install any software or set up specific links. The Effegibi patented system also gives you control of other functions such as timed switch on, temperature and favourite light selection, allowing remote setting from anywhere.

But work by this Effegibi designer does not stop with the immaterial aspects of this Turkish bath: the quality of the elements used for the Topkapi system stands out particularly in the choice of marble, available in Carrara, Botticino and Marquinaversions, in the teak and tempered double-glazing, which, combined with cutting‑edge technology in terms of steam generation and light management, have led to creation of a unique product. Designed in 4 different sizes, from the smallest at 150x90 to extra‑large at 190x130, Topkapi makes it possible to team different combos of finishes and materials.

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