Prefabricated houses d’auteur: fine architecture goes prêt-à-porter

Light-weighted, movable and eco-sustainable structures open architecture d’auteur to all. A project by Robbie Antonio.

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Discover a totally new take on living: that is, light-weighted, movable and eco-sustainable prefab houses conceived by world-renowned architecture and design excellences. Such ready-to-use dwellings can be ordered and delivered to any possible destination all around the planet Earth.

The project comes from Robbie Antonio, a 40 year-old entrepreneur originally from Manila who owns a family fortune in the real estate industry. This is a dream coming true: ultra-design and yet “affordable architecture” for all budgets. “My Revolution Precrafted aims at bringing a Pritzker Prize-winning architect in everybody’s life”, he explains. “My prefabricated initiative is an actual revolution: the finest architecture simply goes pret-a-porter.”

By employing the most advanced technology and optimising production costs, Revolution Precrafted is democratizing high-design and architecture while introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry leading creatives. At this time, Antonio has appointed 40 major creative personalities; Simple, the latest project in partnership with Jean Nouvel, was unveiled at the Tuileries in Paris. Among the many, giants like Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Jurgen H. Mayer, Daniel Libeskind, Kengo Kuma, Campana brothers, Marcel Wanders and Tom Dixon have already enrolled in the project.

The most intriguing creations feature the Modular Living Unit by Paulo Mendez Da Rocha + METRO, a highly flexible system suitable for a wide variety of habitats and environments: from urban and rural, to tropical and temperate. It comprises a living space, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and multiple verandas, which can be not only arranged in several spatial combinations thanks to their modularity, but also developed onto multiple levels. The structural units’ size is useful in terms of logistic transport and assembly process.

Matilda Home by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas is a movable prefabricated house meant to fit any world location: being a modular unit, many of them can be added together like a large cloud with no size restrictions, to the point it can even become a city, an artificial landscape, or rather a home.

Lastly, the Modular Glass House by Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects is inspired by the original but has been re‐imagined as a series of modular components that can be pre‐fabricated and shipped to any site. Its design follows the values of the original model by adding a greater lightness and flexibility.

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Revolution Precrafted. A a rendering to introduce the wide array of prefabricated houses.

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Prefabricated house designed by Jean Nouvel.

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The modular Glass House by Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects.

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Modular Glass House's interiors by Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects.

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Project by Spanish designers Selgas Cano resembles a small space capsule.

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Details of Spanish designers Selgas Cano's dwelling project.

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