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Furnishing the home, Ponti-style, or in other words, Italian homes according to the great architect from Milan. Both those designed by him scattered all over the world and those he lived in with his wife and children, all carefully designed down to the finest detail, to such an extent that they become the poster homes for modernity and a new lifestyle.

Nothing in these homes is left to chance, including the ways of using the spaces and furniture, which combine and turn into the instruments for performing daily gestures such as receiving guests, hosting friends, reading, eating.

Everything appears brand new and original. Starting from the furniture (tables, small tables, bookcases, sideboards, chairs, armchairs) to the colours and decorations, influenced by other art forms and by a sunny light with a Mediterranean glow.

Today many of those pieces of furniture, designed for private homes between the 1930s and 1970s, have been brought back to life, thanks to the re-releases by Molteni&C.

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