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9 April marked the end of the most important sector fair, and a week when design and culture, innovation and tradition came together.
Translating these concepts into real furnishings and inspiration, the many brands at the Salone included Porada, which surprised and excited with its showcase of rooms that were both functional and packed with personality.
Since 1968, the brand founded by Luigi Allievi has teamed a love for wood with artisan skill, managing to turn a tree trunk into a work of art. And the same enthusiasm, unchanged in almost 50 years, provided the energy for its stand at the Salone del Mobile and filled the atmosphere with elegantly refined details. Let’s take another look at them, with a visit to its rooms.

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A glass structure with black details and the word Porada lit up at the top: this is outside of the section at the Salone del Mobile dedicated to this wood design brand. A container that does not hide its contents, the new Seventeen collection. Typical of homes from the fifties and sixties, the cosy mood of this new collection has found sophisticated equilibrium of shape and function, translated into understated yet decisive elegance.

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Linking each room is the combination of different materials, such as glass, marble, steel and leather. Black marble and solid Canaletto walnut are the first to stand out, set off by the green of the plants. The Thayl table welcomes us, drawing our eyes towards Dalida, the bookcase that picks up on this contrast of materials and colours, replacing black with iron-coloured polyester lacquer, highlighted by its overlapping geometrics.

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The shelves on the bookcase, like windows onto the second part of the Porada stand, open onto the living area.
The distinguishing feature of the living collection is pale upholstery linked to darker details of legs and backs. The initial theme of transparency followed through with Joint coffee tables accentuates the elegant mood.
Beyond the wall, the second section of the lounge, linked to the first by a round mirror.
This is a room made exciting by the verticality of its shapes.

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A bed designed by Buratti Architetti dominates the bedroom. This is Nyan, with a Canaletto walnut base and mustard yellow fabric, further highlighted by its contrast with the grey-blues of the rugs and chair upholstery.

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The stand ends with the Porada selection, the Fuji table and Ella chair respecting experimentation with chiaroscuro and different materials, one of the creations by the French design talent Patrick Jouin, and his first for Porada.

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